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jewelry findings

Jewelry findings are an important part of DaMa's supply line.

You can use coil end clasps with leather. In order to do so, you should use three pieces, two coil end clasps and a hook or a latch. First, put a coil end on one piece of leather, which does require a bit of practice, but it is not that difficult. Then, put some glue on the end of that section of leather. You can use any type of glue except for super glue. Since leather is an oily substance, you need to use glue so that the leather does not slip out of the clasp. Following this, put the leather into the coil and then use pliers to insert the coil. We suggest not using the tip of the pliers. Next crush down the first few coils on the leather - just make sure you do not go too far down on the leather because you could cut the leather. Then, hold the coil with one hand while you use the other to pull on the leather. The coil will expand a small amount, which will signal that the clasp is secure. If you find that the leather is beginning to pull out on its own, you should crush the coils down harder. You will find that there is a ring at the end of the coil. What you want to do is to attach the clasp on one side and then using either the ring on the other side or use a jump or split ring. A good clasp to use is the Lanyard Clasp since you can slide it directly onto the coil ring. If you use another type of clasp, most likely you will also need to use a jump or split ring in order to connect the coil ring with the clasp. Of concern is the brittleness of the coil ring. If you end up moving the end of the coil ring too far, while opening it to allow you to slide the clasp on the wire, there is a possibility that the coil ring will break.

Be aware that for 2 mm cord, you should use the 1 - 2 mm coil end instead of the 3 - 4 mm one. However, if you find that the cord is too big for the opening, it is possible to shave part of it down with a razor blade.

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jewelry findings supplies clasps gold manufacturer components