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Dental supplies are sold by Mackie X-ray. Here are some questions regarding x-rays.

How often dental X-rays (radiographs) should be taken depends on the patient's individual health needs. It is important to recognize that just as each patient is different from the next, so should the scheduling of X-ray exams be individualized for each patient. Your dentist will review your history, examine your mouth and then decide whether you need radiographs and what type. If you are a new patient, the dentist may recommend radiographs to determine the present status of the hidden areas of your mouth and to help analyze changes that may occur later.
The schedule for needing radiographs at recall visits varies according to your age, risk for disease and signs and symptoms. Recent films may be needed to detect new cavities, or to determine the status of gum disease or for evaluation of growth and development. Children may need X-rays more often than adults. This is because their teeth and jaws are still developing and because their teeth are more likely to be affected by tooth decay than those of adults.

A panoramic radiograph allows your dentist to see the entire structure of your mouth in a single image. Within one large film, panoramic X-rays reveal all of your upper and lower teeth and parts of your jaw. Unfortunately, the level of detail is not high enough to accurately diagnose cavities, thus panoramic radiographs should not be substituted for bitewings and periapicals. It's important to remember that X-rays are not prescribed indiscriminately. Each radiograph provides specific information that is vital to an accurate diagnosis.

Mackie X-ray XRB (XRB is equivalent to Kodak RP, Kodak DF-75, and Kodak DF-76, as well as AGFA Radiomat-B.)
A UV-blue light sensitive film with excellent detail reproduction
For all extra-oral radiographic techniques:
# panoramic tomography
# cephalometry (skull and maxillofacial radiography)
# radiography for orthodontic and orthognathhic surgery
For use with all dental X-ray machines
#in conjunction with UV-blue light emitting intensifying screens, for example:
Mackie X-ray XRB is a UV-blue sensitive film guaranteeing exceptional panoramic radiographs.
Reliable, UV-blue sensitive film:
# ideal clinical detail
# high-contrast image
# unique UV-blue sensitive emulsion
# suitable for all conventional dental X-ray processing techniques
# high processing stability
Technical data for XRB
Dark-room conditions
Requires safelights with ordinary filters at least 0.9 m (~3 ft.) away from the workbench.
Photochemical processing
Mackie X-ray XRB films can be developed using all modern processing systems (minimum total processing time: 90 seconds.). Suitable for both manual and automatic processing techniques.
Speed Class
Mackie X-ray Blue 200
according to ISQ 9236 200
Optimum image quality can be obtained with Mackie X-ray XRB film when used in combination with Mackie X-ray Blue intensifying screens.
XRB Mackie X-ray
Intensifying Screens - Blue
Size: Unit: Size: Unit:
5 x 12 inch 100 NIF 5 x 12 inch Blue light - emitting screens
for speed class 200
15 x 30 cm 100 NIF 15 x 30 cm
8 x 10 inch 100 NIF 8 x 10 inch
NIF = non interleaved film

dental supplies dentists supply Mackie xray discount x-ray film