CPA East Providence RI, Certified Public Accountant

Bookkeeper, Quickbooks ProAdvisor, East Providence RI

QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Certified
Are your business records and financial data a disaster? Do you believe that it would be advantageous for your business strategies and financial practices to have some training with the software QuickBooks®? The bookkeepers at Orefice and Caliri have extensive experience with QuickBooks® and would be happy to train you or your employees. Our competent bookkeeping staff can also set up a dynamic accounting/bookkeeping/financial planning structure for your business.

Due to our professional, highly trained, and experienced bookkeeping personnel, Orefice & Caliri are committed to provide exceptional service to our clientage by keeping up to date with the latest information related to business planning and income tax strategies, we maintain a constant and open communication with all of our customers to ensure that we have detailed knowledge of all aspects of their financial workings. Our services that we provide to our clients include but are not limited to, accounting, bookkeeping, business consulation, tax preparation, financial planning and auditing.

RI Bookkeeping firm specializing in bookkeeping, and Quickbooks training Quickbooks ProAdvisor