CT wedding music calypso steel drums jazz

CT wedding music

CT wedding music is an area that the band Minor Swing excells in. The band plays gypsy jazz, a style created by Django Reinhardt which features a mix between 1930's American swing and gypsy styles, as well as other types.

Selecting a band for your special occassion can be a very daunting task. Primarily, you should focus your attention on the bands that have a history of performing at parties and other similar types of events. For the most part, it is best to avoid bands that are just starting out or are made up of students because these groups will not have experience working and performing together. One reason to avoid these groups is because you want to get a band that is used to rehearsing together and that is more likely to be able to accommodate the unplanned details that often occur at weddings. For example, you want a group that is more likely able to play a song that a friend or relative requests. Many bands that have not been together for a good amount of time will not be able to do this, especially if they are not used to playing with each other.

Also, you should be aware that, although viewing a band at another event can be important in the decision you are about to make, it is not always feasible and if it is possible, it might not be the best example of what that band can do for you. For example, it is probably not the best idea to try to go to someone else's special occassion without being invited in order to view the band.

Some of the best ways to get an idea of what a band can do is to listen to the band's demo or CD. You should also pay attention to their song list. If possible, you can also talk to people. Videos of a band can also be used, although you should be aware that the vast majority of them are lip synched. Most of them rarely give a true representation of the band. Another problem with a video as a way to learn about a band is that the visual components of the video distract most viewers from paying proper attention to the sound, which is the most important aspect of the band. Listening to a band's CD is one of the better ways to go to learn whether or not you want to use that band. CD's have the advantage that they will not distract you with visuals plus they have the added benefit of being easy to listen to in different situations.

CT wedding music calypso steel drums jazz